Les Mureaux

The Grand Paris Seine et Oise territory, to the west of Paris, aims to decarbonize its energy mix. Large industrial projects are emerging, but the deployment of citizen energy communities is an important issue.

SEINERGY LAB is working on a collective self-consumption experiment and is developing two pilots (in progress) in the regional territory (Poissy and Magnanville). The objective of these pilots is to give as many people as possible access to local renewable energies. The PART’Ener project proposes to develop a shared power plant (land, economies of scale, project management, operation, etc.) to which all stakeholders in the region can join. Each partner consumes the share of the energy produced which corresponds to its financial participation in the project.

RDIUP is working on creating another pilot in Les Mureaux based on lessons learned from PART’Ener and using the engagement and co-design tools developed in Masterpiece. A distributed Production will aggregate existing installations, new production plants and several building stakeholders that will be operated and managed together to create a REC. A new type of participant will be considered, and a storage system will be studied and sized in this pilot.


We want to develop a new community (REC) in the Masterpiece project in Les Mureaux.

In the city, there are 3 potential photovoltaic production sites (for resale or individual self-consumption): library (17,8kWc), Molière center (school, 54kWc). The site “Léo Lagrange” will be delivered in the summer and will also feature a photovoltaic power plant for individual self-consumption (49kWc).


Linked activities:

  • Assisting project owners in improving projects and practices and providing an operational support.- Identifying potential renewable energy sources and identifying those that deserve priority support.
  • Drawing up opportunity reports: a comprehensive, "multi-energy" technical and economic analysis.
  • Promoting the development of a local, sustainable and efficient renewable energy sectors (technical, economic and environmental analysis).
  • Raising awareness: working groups and thematic breakfasts, technical visits and good practices
  • Main target entities: local authorities, condominium, social housing companies, SMEs.


SEINERGY LAB – https://www.seinergylab.fr/ – SEINERGY LAB is a collaborative platform for experimentation on energy and the ecological transition of territories (Non-profit organization). Its model is based on the pooling of resources and expertise of its members to support the ecological and societal transformation of its territory. Its activities are as follows: studies / experimentation / support for project leaders / networking / promotion of professions / communication and awareness.

Main target entities: citizens, academic actors, local authorities, social landlords, industrialists and SMEs.


RDIUP – https://www.rdiup.com/ – RDIUP is a French innovative SME developing and integrating digital solutions in Energy sectors. RDIUP is specialized in the definition of novel concepts, business models and exploitation strategies in energy, agriculture and environment sectors. RDIUP promotes R&I actions (RDI) and identifies potential actors to ensure the viability and growth of projects. RDIUP exploits new services and technologies (AI/data analytics, Blockchain and IoT) to create useful proof of concept and novel pilots.

Current situation MASTERPIECE achievements

Creation of the association “PART’Ener for local renewable energy” as a legal structure to support local energy communities.

Development of two energy communities in Poissy and Magnanville (technical-economic set-up and mobilization of stakeholders being finalized).

Sharing feedback to contribute to the development of Masterpiece tools.

Identification of Masterpiece tools and functionalities useful for the development of new energy communities.

Carrying out proximity eligibility studies by using ECOOP tool

Implementation of shelly e-meters in les Mureaux EC

Relevance on Energy Communities’ framework

  • In progress

Not Applicable

All the electricity is reinjected into the grid with fed in tariffs (compulsory purchase at a tariff set by law )

Again, there are already different models in the territory. After being identified, it will be possible to propose to each of the typologies to test the platform in relation to their expressed needs.

Not Applicable


Not Applicable.

Possibility to involve SEY78 (as EV chargers’ operator) in the EC of Les Mureaux

  • Solévent provides a positive and educational message to the public on issues relating to:
  • The control of energy costs
  • The fight against energy poverty
  • The production and distribution of renewable energy with a view to reducing energy consumption and achieving self-sufficiency. 
  • The photovoltaic purchasing group of Solévent provides free, neutral support to its members in their self-consumption project.