In 2023, around 200 pioneer energy communities already exist in France.
The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is the largest administrative region in France, covering the west and southwest of the mainland. So far, less citizens and initiatives have been set up than in other major regions of the country.
Alec’s contribution in the project is part of a territorial approach to the deployment of Energy Communities. A group of exchanges representative of the local EC ecosystem is collecting feedback and needs for the different types of actors.
• The Region is involved in the local network that Alec intends to develop around the project with other key stakeholders.
• Cirena is a non-profit organisation that offers methodological support to project holders regarding the creation and prosperity of EC, on Nouvelle Aquitaine region. Cirena is part of the national network of citizen initiatives.
• Solévent is an existing energy community that will serve as a testing arena for the technologies developed in the project.


Solévent is a citizen initiative created in 2018, with 250 people involved, 420 MWh produced per year and 435k€ of investment. For the moment, they are only working on photovoltaic solar energy.
Solévent is an SAS (simplified joint stock company) with variable capital and cooperative operations.
Citizens, local authorities, companies, and associations can take part in the capital.
A part-time employee has been working for the EC since November 2020. He is responsible for project development, community organisation and communication.

Linked activities:

  • Assisting project owners in improving projects and practices and providing an operational support.- Identifying potential renewable energy sources and identifying those that deserve priority support.
  • Drawing up opportunity reports: a comprehensive, "multi-energy" technical and economic analysis.
  • Promoting the development of a local, sustainable and efficient renewable energy sectors (technical, economic and environmental analysis).
  • Raising awareness: working groups and thematic breakfasts, technical visits and good practices
  • Main target entities: local authorities, condominium, social housing companies, SMEs.


ALEC – – ALEC is a territorial engineering agency (Non-Profit Organisation) supporting public and private actors in their energy transition processes. It promotes the reduction of GHG emissions through energy efficiency and the development of renewable energies. Its expertise is based on 4 fields of action: energy balance and planning / projects support /
networking / communicating and raising awareness.


Current situation MASTERPIECE achievements

Today, Solévent EC has installed photovoltaic solar panels on the roofs of 4 schools.

A new project is underway in Marc Rebeyrol school in Canéjan: 30 kWc

14 projects are in progress or under study.

Sharing feedback to contribute to the development of Masterpiece tools.

Identification of Masterpiece tools and functionalities useful for the development of new energy communities.

Relevance on Energy Communities’ framework

  • School Marcel Sembat – Bègles: 36 kWc
  • School Betey – Andernos: 84 kWc
  • School Gambetta – Bègles: 33 kWc
  • School Centre – Le Bouscat: 100 kWc
  • School Marc Rebeyrol – Canéjan: 30 kWc

Not Applicable

All the electricity is reinjected into the grid with fed in tariffs (compulsory purchase at a tariff set by law )

Again, there are already different models in the territory. After being identified, it will be possible to propose to each of the typologies to test the platform in relation to their expressed needs.

Not Applicable

Solévent mobilises the public on the solutions that can be brought to the energy transition, informs on the renewable energies and their means of production by leaning on examples of projects realized or in progress in their territory, and sensitizes the public on the energy savings and the energy efficiency.

Not Applicable

  • Solévent provides a positive and educational message to the public on issues relating to:
  • The control of energy costs
  • The fight against energy poverty
  • The production and distribution of renewable energy with a view to reducing energy consumption and achieving self-sufficiency. 
  • The photovoltaic purchasing group of Solévent provides free, neutral support to its members in their self-consumption project.