Proof of Concept

The University of Murcia is the Proof of Concept (PoC) for Masterpiece. This PoC will serve as an example for the rest of the pilots. Morespecifically, the PoC corresponds to a subset of facilities  (e.g. buildings, photovoltaic solar installations, etc.) of the university, as UMU has more than 60 assets and physical resources across its five campuses.

The subset of facilities in the PoC include both photovoltaic installations and buildings, mainly located on the Campus of Espinardo. These buildings have various operational  devices, some of which are isolated in terms of communication, while others are already  integrated into existing building management systems.

A characteristic aspect of the PoC is the differentiation of two types of members within the  energy community. On one hand, there are individuals, namely those who utilise university facilities (e.g., students, professors, etc.). On the other hand, there are the university buildings themselves.

This distinction allows us to implement various strategies at different scales within the PoC, as they are reflected in its use cases. This enables coverage from the individual level of citizens to the university infrastructure.

The main aim of the PoC is to take one step beyond what a traditional energy community is, by aiming to

  1. Form what we call a Digital Energy Community. To achieve this, the objectives are focused on using solutions and tools
    developed in Masterpiece.
  2. Raising awareness and informing users about energy communities to foster a socially responsible community.
  3. Digitalising the energy infrastructure of the selected subset of the university (e.g. energy monitoring, integration of new devices, communication with isolated devices, etc.
  4. Promoting energy flexibility for efficient management that can adapt to various factors in the energy sector.





Relevance on Energy Communities’ framework


Internally managed by the DSO municipal grid. There are different tariffs with variable pricing for electrical energy provision depending on the time of use and wholesale market indexes.





EV charging points (public and residential) will be deployed soon, offered through the prepaid energy service and introducing recharging payment tools.


Individual AC split systems installed and utilized for heating/cooling purposes in the residential households across the municipality. Biomass-fed heating systems are also used.

Current situation MASTERPIECE achievements